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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Rest in Jesus

Do not boast for your love on Jesus because it wavers.
Instead, boast on His love for You because it's everlasting and no one or nothing can ever change that!

You might say, "Ok yeah. If God loves me then why am I in this situation? Why am I struggling? Frustrated and so empty??"

Let me say, As His Beloved child, you are still a work in progress. God is still fixing you. And while He does that, the devil is surely is in panic. So the devil wants to do everything to get you out of focus from God. He wants to give you problems. Lots of problems to worry about. He wants you to worry about your health, financial debts, career direction, relationships, etc. He wants you to be restless. Your fears are the devil's greatest power. (Remember The Green Lantern Revelation?)
So like The Green Hornet, you have your own will. It's either you fight to become fearless or you let the enemy suck the life out of you.

In Jesus, you don't need to fight anything. You can struggle or fight for awhile but Jesus won't let you do that for long...because
Jesus loves you so and all He wants you to do is to rest..

Ahhhhhhh....what a relief right?
That is good news to me!

Read Matthew 11:28 and you'll see.:)

How to stop fighting and worrying about anything?

Everytime "A little bit" of worry or fear sets in to my brain, I tell Jesus,
" Jesus, I am tired of this problem, and I dont want to worry. I just want to give it all up to you because I know You love me so and I am Your Beloved. I know You will take care of me. "

You can use your own words too.Just freely talk to Him like a child talking to a Daddy.

After I tell these things to Jesus. I always get prompted to listen to worship songs, Jesus-filled preachings and get to relax.

What a wonderful truth. :)

"We always win in the fight of life not because of our love for Him, but because of His love for us!"

- Joseph Prince


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