Jesus Quotes

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Keep The Faith, Believers!

Keep the Faith , believers!
You are not a believer for nothing.
Believe that Jesus shall turn your current circumstance around ALL for your own good!


Do Not Fear -Jesus

Sometimes, you get scared of what you've just decided to do.

Yes it is scary. Only if you don't know that someone upthere is taking good care of you.

If you are scared right now.

Look up.

Look to the cross.

And see who paid it all so you can have all the blessings of health, weatlh in this world.

You feel so alone?

Look up again.

Look at the cross.

You got Jesus by your side.

And you know, when you have Jesus...

You have everything!

Because anyone can have anything he ever wanted in this world but still end up lonely and lost.

But you...

You got Jesus!

You got Abba, Father by your side.

And that is the most important thing in this world!


Monday, July 25, 2016

The Winds are Shifting in your direction

The winds are shifting in your direction..
You have royal DNA
flowing through your veins..
This is your season of divine favor!


Joel Osteen

Jesus Came To Save the Sinners


Do you sin?
Do you make mistakes?
Do you get angry or mad?

If you said yes in one of these,
then wow!

Jesus came to save you!

As long as you gonna believe Him as your savior. You are save!
Simple, right??

So do it now please.


You see, Jesus didn't came for perfect people.
If you think you are perfect,
then you don't need Jesus.
But no no no.
It's even a mistake in thinking of yourself as perfect.

I say, no one's perfect here in this world except Jesus!
So praise Him!


You are a Winner!

When God has selected you,
It doesn't matter who rejected you!
You are a winner because of what Jesus has done at the cross for you.
He died for you so you can live an
fruitful, awesome and abundant life!
Give praises to Him!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

You Are Blessed!!

By the power of Jesus' blood shed for you...
You are blessed with divine health,
Prosperity, love, peace and protection!

Claim it !
Receive it in Jesus' mighty name!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Gospel...

After 9 years of a being a "Solid" Christian.. ( Well, I thought I was that "solid" until ups and downs of life has struck me)

For years, I never really looked closely at the cross.
How Jesus suffered the whippings and endured the pain that was not meant for Him so My soul can be saved and be reunited with Abba.

Now, I am more than thankful for Jesus' sacrifice for me.

I still keep asking why God needs to choose me over His Son.


Thank You Abba, Father!

I am now confident that You will never leave me nor forsake me.

You gave up Your son for me.
There's no way that You will leave me alone.

I may have struggles right now.
But I know these are just temporary.
It shall come to pass.

I will glorify You oh Lord.

So please keep showering me all the blessings of divine health, restoration on my relationships and financial blessings (that I have talked to you about )

This blog is not enough to glorify You.
I know I am meant to do more.

Just keep leading me to Your Light.