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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Talk To Jesus

It really makes a difference in reading this everyday.

Wiped all my fears and worries away.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
—Isaiah 40:29

Come to Me with empty hands and an open heart. I will fill your hands with My blessings and your heart with My Love.

I know every need that you have in your life—big and small. I know about your needs for food, clothing, and shelter. I also know your needs for friendship, for belonging, for love and acceptance. And I know that your life has been tough at times, and you get tired.

So come to Me. I will give you all you need. I will give you the strength to keep going. I will be the Friend who never lets you down. And I will love and accept you—always.



"Jesus Calling for Kids" app
By Sarah Young

Psalm 23

Woow! This verse is so awesome!
Imagine that...your cup overflows with BLESSINGS says the Lord!

Praise Jesus!

Been so hungry in reading His words before I doze off lately.

And it feels good.

I'm gonna do it again.

You should try it too.

You see, everytime you read His words, you get tons of benefits with it in terms of health, peace and comfort plus blessings 😁👍🙏

Try it too.

Jesus is the Answer!

Jesus is the answer to all of your questions.

If you ask about why there are sickness, death in this world...
Jesus is your healer.

If you ask why you are in a financial debt, Jesus is your shepherd and provider. (psalm23)

If you ask why there are earthquakes, disasters in this world ,
Jesus is your divine protector! ( Psalm91)

And the list goes on. Wooow!!!

Aren't you glad you got Jesus ?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pray First

Here I go again Lord.
I messed up in one of my decisions again.
But still, thank You because I know
that You will never EVER leave me nor forsake me!

You have shown me the path to life, and you make me glad by being near to me.

—Psalm 16:11 (CEV)

Keep your eyes on Me. I will show you what I want you to do, and I will give you the strength to do it. I will never ask you to do anything without giving you what you need to do it. But you must first seek Me.

Whenever you have a decision to make, pray about it first. If you have a chance to serve Me, pray about it first. Before you begin anything, pray about it first. Seek My will in everything you do.

And when you pray, enjoy the time you spend with Me. Remember, you are in the presence of the Creator of the world, and you have My undivided attention.


Trust God No Matter What

You see, I used to love saying "Amen!"
"Praise the Lord!"
"Amazing Lord!"
when everything around me is good.

But when a problem striked at me,
Suddenly, I got shaken and cry out
"Oh Lord, I beg You pleaseeee help me!" Then fears, stressed get into me like a wildfire burning me up to the ground.

I say, there is no problem in saying "Praise The Lord" .It is one way of showing you recognize Him in your life and you know whom to go to for help.

But you gotta know why are you praising the Lord for what?

Let me share with you a deeper revelation.

After 9 years of being a Christian, it is only now that I have come to realised how much God loves me with a passion.

This truth truly has set me free from all fears.

You see, God.. No matter what you are going through, what you have done , may it be past mistakes or you just mess up,
is there for you all the way!


Look at Jesus at the cross.

That is His only Son upthere, who died for you.

If God has done this?

If God has sacrificed His Son, Jesus for you?

Do you think He will still leave you?


Definitely NOT!

Do not rely on your current situations or feelings in believing God's faithfulness to you.

He is faithful and loves you so.

Just keep looking at Jesus.
That is His proof to you.

Next time when you are in doubt if going through some tough waters shall drown you, refocus on Jesus. And magnify Him in the midst of your negative situation.

It's in that moment that you recognized that He is an awesome savior.

Keep praising Him.
Because what you are going through now is just temporary.

"In Jesus, my current situation is just temporary because I am destined to reign in Jesus!"

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stop Thinking About It

Instead of thinking too much.

Worrying alot.

Switch your mind.

Change it to prayers.

Just talk to God.
Talk to Jesus.

And you will feel the difference.

Let's share what you felt after.

Type your comments below:)

Are You Listening

Yes, Lord I am listening.
I know and believe you will lead me to an awesome life that I have been longing and dreaming for.
A life that will make a difference and GLORIFY you.
A fun life (amidst all the troubles because we are destined to reign!)

Yes, Holy Spirit.
Keep talking to me.
I am listening.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

—John 10:27

Listen to Me at all times. I have so many things to tell you. There are people and situations I want you to pray for. There is help I want to give you. There are both traps and blessings I want to point out to you. Tune out all the noise of this world, and let My Spirit help you tune in to Me.

I know you have plans for this day, but check with Me first. Your plans may fit perfectly with Mine. Or I might have something even better prepared for you. Don’t get so caught up in making your day go the way you have planned, that you miss out on the blessings of My plan. Take time to listen to Me—and I will show you how to really live!


From "Jesus Calling For Kids" app
By Sarah Young